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Ocean Rocks

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Ocean Rocks

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”

- Brené Brown

Recent Client Testimonials

“Working with Lina was truly a gift. She gives out such calm energy that I immediately felt safe and seen. This really allowed me to drop deep into the session and uncover the blocks that have been holding me back when it comes to my career and achievements.


I felt immediate relief and particularly I released old negative patterns and beliefs that I concluded about myself. The shift was instant - I felt like something really heavy I wasn’t even aware I carried fell off of me. Listening to the audio Lina gave me after our session truly helped to wire in new and more empowering beliefs about myself. I made such a big progress in my career and personal life since we had the session.


Lina supported me all the way and I truly recommend working with her if you feel stuck in your ways and not sure how to break out of your patterns. She is your person to go to. Truly grateful I decided to work with her!!”


- Denisa Michajlova

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